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2013 NSBA Annual Meeting CLE Materials 


All materials are in PDF format.  You will need at least Adobe Reader 9.0 to open these files.    

If the seminar is you are looking for is not listed we were NOT provided materials to distribute for that seminar. 

If materials are provided by speaker at the seminar, we will do our best to get a copy added to the website.

                                Wednesday, October 2                          Thursday, October 3                             Friday, October 4

Wednesday, October 2
 8:00 am  Make Your Case With a Great Memory    
   Family Law Section Seminar: Effect of Affordable Care Act on Family Law Cases, Both Legal & Practical    
   ABOTA Seminar: Mock Trial    
 9:00 am  ADR Seminar: Settlecasting: The Right Number at the Wrong Time is The Wrong Number    
 9:30 am  Midlands Bar Association Seminar    
 10:00 am

 Real Estate Probate & Trust Law Section Seminar: Guardianship & Conservatorship Update

   NLAP Seminar: Dealing With Burnout    
 1:15 pm  Elderlaw Section Seminar: Medicare Basics 2013    
   Juvenile Law Section Seminar: Updates in Nebraska Juvenile Law    
 3:00 pm  Labor & Employment Law Section Seminar:  Current Issues to Watch in Labor Law    
 3:30 pm  Casemaker Seminar    
   Securities Law Section Seminar: Fundamentals of Federal & State Securities Laws for Non-Securities Lawyers    
Thursday, October 3
 9:00 am  Probate System V Seminar    
 10:00 am  Government Practice Section Seminar    
   Nebraska Innocence Project Seminar:  The Pyschology of Eyewitness Identification    
   Social Media 101    
 11:00 am Social Media Ethics for Lawyers    
 1:15 pm  Practical Ethics for Practical Attorney IV    
   NDCA Seminar: Understanding a Neurological Examination    
   Corporate Counsel Section Seminar:  Cyber Security for Lawyers    
   Captive Insurance Seminar:  The Use of Captive Insurance by Closely Held Enterprises    
3:30 pm  General Session:  Checks  & Balances    
Friday, October 4
 8:00 am  Hispanic Lawyers Section Seminar:  Ethical Implications of Representing Non-Citizens in Domestic Relations Matters    
   Christian Legal Society Seminar:  The Ethics of Conscience    
 10:00 am  OBA Young Lawyers Division Seminar    
   Natural Resources & Environmental Law Section Seminar    
   Military Law Section Seminar:  Historical Perspective on Military Prosecution    
   Legislative Update    
   UPL Seminar    
 1:15 pm  e-Filing Seminar    
   Intellectual Property Seminar    
   Agricultural Law Section Seminar    
   Senior Lawyers Section Seminar:  Succession Planning with Roy Ginsburg    
   iPad for Legal Professionals Seminar:  Why is the iPad Significant for the Legal Profession?  PART1   PART 2